Organiser son dressing lors du changement de saison

Organize your wardrobe during the change of season

Spring is coming: it's time to change clothes in your wardrobe to make way for lighter pieces!

But then how do we sort and store clothes at home when they are no longer in season?

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Spring and sunny days have just arrived, and as proof, the sun is back and temperatures are getting milder. It's time to change clothes in your wardrobe to make room for lighter pieces!

Sort clothes from the current season

Winter is coming to an end. We love this cocooning season but we are delighted to give way to sunny days! Winter outfits are generally more bulky with sweaters and cardigans, significantly bulkier than our little summer dresses. For this, it is essential to sort before putting away our clothes for next year.

First of all, we recommend that you put aside the pieces that you haven't worn all season, it's certainly for a reason. Maybe you don't like them anymore, aren't in good condition or the right size. Our advice if you are hesitant with a piece of clothing: ask yourself if you can put together an outfit with it. If it doesn't, then you're definitely not going to wear it anymore.

For the clothes that you have put aside and which no longer appeal to you, we advise you to give them to those around you or to associations. Some people will certainly be delighted to give a second life to clothes that were lying around in the back of a closet! 🙂

Once the sorting is done and before storing, we recommend that you clean all the clothes in the washing machine or in the dry cleaners for those that require it. There is usually no point in ironing because they may become wrinkled by the next season.

Then, we advise you to classify your clothes by type: sweaters, pants, jackets... And if you feel like it, you can also classify them by color (you'll see, it will be very satisfying, especially when you take the clothes out next time). season !). To save space, fold your laundry this way:

Marie Kondo Folding

Source: Pinterest

Finally, it’s time for the tidying up stage! Store your batteries well organized in suitcases, boxes or to maximize space, in vacuum bags. You can find these online or in some stores like IKEA.

Our little tip: slip a scented tablet into the covers to scent your laundry.

Write down the contents of each bag on a piece of paper that you will slip inside to save time next season.

Then store your suitcases, boxes or covers in your cupboards, under your bed, in a garage, a cellar... Yes yes, your home is full of hiding places!

Put on the new season's clothes

Now that you've made space in your closet, it's time to welcome the new season's clothes!

First of all, sort as you just did with your winter items. Put aside clothes that you no longer like and no longer suit you. We invite you once again to give them a second life by donating them or recycling them in clothing terminals. This is also an opportunity to make a list of what you are missing.

Sort the clothes by category as you did for those of the previous season: skirts, dresses, shirts… And by color: you will be more inspired in the morning to get dressed with a pretty, well-organized wardrobe 🙂.

What about the shoes?

A little more complex to organize because you can't store them in vacuum bags (too bad!)

We advise you to wash them before storing them. You will be happy to find them all clean next season and this can avoid unpleasant surprises!

Place them in boxes that you will also store in cabinets.

Little tip: for the winter season, don't hesitate to put paper in your boots so as not to damage them in the boxes.


And now, voila ! You have an optimized and tidy wardrobe for the new season! You'll thank yourself next winter when you pull out your well-organized clothes. All you have to do is sort through what you no longer like and slip your pretty piles that smell good into your wardrobe!

And above all, don't forget: good sorting allows you to welcome new MY1996 pieces into your wardrobe! 😉

See you soon ! 🙂

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