Shipping & deliveries

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For deliveries in France, the carrier used is Colissimo / La Poste.
For deliveries abroad, the carrier used is DPD or the postal manager of the country concerned.

☝️ After placing your order...
Some preparation time is required before your order is ready for shipping.
Normally, this delay is 24-48 hours; it can extend to 72-96 hours during collection or restock releases.
Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email.
Small reminder: Your orders are prepared from Monday to Friday; yes, yes we take our weekends 😇.

✌️ Once your order has been shipped...
From now on, delivery times depend on the carrier directly and your geographic location. For our part, we no longer have any influence on this part.
Generally, deliveries in France via Colissimo are received between 24 and 72 hours. For international deliveries, it will take at least 72 hours up to 10 days for certain territories such as Overseas Territories.

💌 Check your emails...
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a 'shipping confirmation' email.
In this email you will find a 'Track my order' button, click on it to land on a dedicated tracking page.
Warning: Sometimes emails arrive in your spam/promotions boxes, we invite you to check there 🧐

💳 After confirming your order...
The selection of the relay point is only made once you have paid and confirmed your order. A page with the delivery module map will be displayed to allow you to select your relay point.

⚡ You encounter a problem with the selection of the relay point...
It happens that delivery modules encounter technical problems during collection releases (due to the large number of connections). For example, the module may charge infinitely after you have selected the relay point of your choice!

To overcome this, several solutions are available to you:
- Refresh the page in your internet browser.
- Open the confirmation email and click on 'view order'.
You will normally be able to see if the relay point has been selected.

If, however, this is still not the case, please note that the module will automatically select the relay point which is closest to your delivery address. And if the selected relay point does not suit you, you can inform us by email at '' to ask us to change it to the one you want.

Picking up your order

For customers living less than 30km from our warehouse (FRANCE), we offer the click and collect system.As soon as your order is ready, you will receive an email informing you that you can pick it up. To do this, you need to reserve a slot via the link in the email.

🔙 Returns
If, however, the items do not suit you, you can proceed to a return directly to our warehouse. It is necessary to reserve a new slot using the same link as when picking up the order.Return conditions are the same as for a standard return.

Returns & Refunds

🗓️ Maximum return time...
After receiving your order, you have up to 14 working days maximum to return items that do not suit you.

💶 Return costs...
Return costs are the responsibility of the customer returning the product(s). These costs vary depending on the case. Also note that outbound delivery costs remain the responsibility of the customer.

🚚 Return method...
Please make returns directly by the local carrier directly to the address indicated below.
Please note: No returns sent to a relay point will be accepted and collected by our team.

✅ Return conditions...
- Do not remove labels from items.
- Do not wear or wash items.
- Do not stain clothes during fittings.
- Return the items to their original packaging.
- Complete the returns form (below)

Please complete and insert this form in your package. Without this, we will not be able to process your return.

📍 Return address...
The return must ONLY be sent to the following address:
MY1996 SARL - 240 Rue des Tenettes - CS 91996 / 73190 - SAINT-BALDOPH - France

If you are asked for a telephone number for the return, you can provide your own, this has no impact. If you need an email address ‘’ and a first and last name ‘SAV Team’.

⚠️ Any return that does not comply with each of the conditions mentioned above will automatically be subject to refusal by our after-sales service team, thank you for your understanding.

🗓️ Return processing time...
Returns are processed within 15 working days maximum after receipt of your package. If after these 15 days you have not received a refund email from us, you can contact us by email at ''.

💶 About refunds..
Reimbursements are made according to your choice:
- via the allocation of a credit (in the form of a gift card) which will be automatically generated and affiliated to your account.
- via the payment method used during your purchase: credit card, PayPal or gift card.

Note: Once your return is processed, funds will be received in your account within 5-10 business days. This deadline is beyond our control, it is the mandatory banking deadlines in the context of a reimbursement.

Please note: If you have changed your bank card between your order and your refund, please inform us before making your return. We will be obliged to reimburse you via a credit.

😔 No exchanges possible..
Unfortunately we do not offer exchanges or size changes on returned products...
In fact, it is impossible to guarantee that we will have the item you want still in stock when your return is processed.
We therefore invite you to make your return and recommend the item you wish to exchange if it is still available.

📬 Tracking your return...
When you dropped off your return package with the carrier, the latter must have provided you with a tracking number.
Go to the carrier's website in the 'Parcel Tracking' section and enter the tracking number. You will be able to see if the package has been delivered to us.

Note: If within 15 days of receiving your return you have not received an email regarding your refund, contact us by email (

Products & stocks

📲 Visit Instagram...
We share all release dates directly via our Instagram posts and stories. If you missed the information, don't hesitate to watch our featured story.

📊 Frequency of new collections...
Every month we offer you a new collection. After each collection, allow around ten days before a restocking is put online.

📲 Visit Instagram...
Via our stories and our publications we share with you the items that will be subject to restocking. Don't hesitate to watch our featured stories, we're pinning this one so you can access it whenever you want!

Note: If an item is not mentioned in an Instagram story as being in restock, unfortunately it will not come back... This may prevent you from asking us the question 😚

🔔 Activate the alert...
Our website allows you to be notified by email when a product that interests you comes back in stock.
To do this, go to the product sheet for the item concerned, click on the 'Notify me in case of restocking' button, enter your email then validate.
When the item concerned comes back in stock, you will receive an email at the address mentioned to inform you.

Note: If the item is no longer available when you see this email, someone was quicker... Sorry 🥰

🙅‍♀️ No reservations possible...
It is technically impossible to ensure that the items in your basket are reserved for a certain period of time.
As long as your order is not validated and paid, the items are not deducted from our stock.
It is therefore possible that an item becomes out of stock between the time you add it to your basket and the time you pay for your order...

📐 Refer to descriptions...
We strive to work on the description of each item available for sale. When a product is rather 'not recommended' for a certain body type, we indicate this directly in it. Each item is also measured to help you and give you a more precise idea of ​​dimensions. You will also find the measurements in the description.

🧵 The composition...
The different materials that make up an article are always mentioned in the description of the article on the website.

🗺 The manufacturing...
We carefully select the suppliers we work with, both for their know-how and also their seriousness! The items we offer come from Italy, China or France.


📩 By email...
Each order placed on our website results in a confirmation email sent to the email address associated with the customer account.
Note: Remember to check the spam/promotion inboxes of your email address.

👩‍💻 Via the customer area...
Once connected to the website, you can also access your customer area. Go to the 'Order History' tab to see if your order is correctly mentioned.

❌ Cancel your order...
In order to cancel an order, you must contact our customer service directly to inform them at the address ''.
Please note: If your order has been processed and shipped, it will no longer be possible to cancel it!

↩️ Modify your order...
Once your order has been paid and confirmed, it is no longer possible to modify it. We invite you to check your basket before final validation.

🔂 Combine your orders...
It is not possible to group several orders into one. Each order is subject to separate preparation associated with a unique transport label.

✉️ Contact us...
Despite all the vigilance that we bring to the selection of our products, as well as to the preparation of your orders, it happens that orders encounter a problem (missing item, defective item, etc.).

If this is the case, we invite you to contact us directly by email at ''.

🛒 At the time of payment...
When you have validated your basket and entered your delivery and billing information, you will access the 'payment' section before definitively validating your order.

Within this 'payment' section, a space dedicated to promotional codes, gift cards or credits is available. All you have to do is enter your code and validate to see it applied to your order.

🎁 Directly on the website...
Go to the 'gift cards' category of the website, select the amount you want to offer then validate your order.
Once your order is confirmed, you will receive directly by email the code associated with the gift card in question.

Note: If you want to give this gift card to someone, you can forward the email to them.