Comment porter des tenues colorées quand on a l’habitude des looks sobres ?

How to wear colorful outfits when you're used to sober looks?

Many of us wear sober looks in black, white and gray tones. But let's face it, a pretty colorful outfit is pretty cool, right? We give you some tips for integrating color into your wardrobe!

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Today we're talking color in your outfits! Many of us wear sober looks in black, white and gray tones. But let's face it, a pretty colorful outfit is pretty cool, right?

You will tell us that it's still not your thing and that you don't know what color suits your complexion. So we’re here to give you some advice!

Colors according to your complexion

Colorimetry tests are based on three elements: the color of your eyes, your complexion and the color of your hair.

In colorimetry, we often divide the temperature of the complexion into 4 seasons:

  • Spring : you have a fair, pink complexion with freckles and in summer, you don't tan much. Your eyes are blue, light green, hazel, or golden brown. No doubt, you belong to the spring team!

Cool colors are the ones that suit you best. Wear blue, turquoise, lilac, pastel or bright colors.

On the other hand, avoid navy blue, gray, burgundy, fuchsia and white at all costs.

  • Summer : your complexion is fair or pink, your hair is dark blonde or golden brown and your eyes are gray-green, blue or green.

Then blue and pink tones are for you! Mauve, burgundy and red look great on you.

However, avoid yellow, orange and beige tones.

  • Autumn : your complexion is cream, golden beige or slightly tanned. Your hair is red or copper brown and your eyes are brown or green, then your season is fall.

The shades that suit you best are ocher, camel, terracotta…

Avoid cool colors like blue, white, gray or green.

  • Winter : your skin is dark, your hair is brown or even black so your season is winter.

The colors that suit you best are fuchsia, yellow, electric blue, green or bright pink.

On the other hand, forget khaki and colors similar to orange like mustard or apricot.

Now that you know which shades suit you best, you can take inspiration from these colors when choosing your makeup and clothes.

To help you find your colorimetry, that is to say the shades that suit you best, you can also look at the colors of your veins. If they are in green tones, you probably have a warmer complexion, while if they are bluish, your complexion is probably in cooler shades.

If you want to know more about colorimetry, there are tests on the internet that delve deeper into the subject.

Start adding color to your wardrobe

Now that colorimetry no longer holds any secrets for you, let's see how to apply it in your daily life.

If you've never had the habit of wearing colors, we understand that you're not going to dress in a total colorful look overnight (those around you wouldn't understand either!). On the other hand, you can gradually integrate little colorful touches into your outfits.

To start, we recommend that you opt for colorful accessories such as a bag, jewelry, a scarf or a belt. A simple outfit accessorized with a touch of color can be very classy and make a statement!

You can also wear a colorful piece at the bottom, with a simple top to gradually get used to it. Secondly, you will be more comfortable when you wear colored tops close to your face.

For a smoother change, you also have the option of opting for clothing with colorful patterns on a sober background.

You will quickly realize: adding color to your looks is like adding color to your life!

So, what colorful piece are you going to add to your wardrobe this spring?

See you soon !

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